Arch Fenders

We are specialist in manufacturing of all types of Rubber Fender such as Arch Type, Element Fender, Cylindrical Fender, Key Hole Fender, D Type Fender etc. Our Fender can withstand maximum thrust impact of loaded vessels or any type of ship, the rubber quality is as per ASTMD Method which gives long life and heavy duty. This types of Fender is easy to install and can be replaced quickly.

Arch fenders were introduced to improve upon the performance of Cylindrical fenders. Arch fenders have a better Energy / Reaction force ratio and recommended for all types of applications. The shape of these fenders helps to dissipate the stresses evenly. These extruded fenders are very easy to install and are maintenance free. Generally preferred for small to medium range vessels.

  • Stylish
  • Perfect finish
  • Longer life

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