Rubber Grommets

With the help of our professionals, we are capable in manufacturing and exporting Rubber Grommets which are used in diverse industry segments. Our ranges of rubber grommets are highly durable and are made of the finest quality of raw materials. Using advanced techniques and superior quality raw materials, we are designing and offering our clients a comprehensive range of Industrial Rubber Grommets in standard & customized specifications.

This rubber component is rubber made round rings which are inserted in a hole in the metal body of a vehicle to enforce the hole to protect its sharp edges from rust and wear & tear and to protect the delicate things which pass through such holes. For example if a wire passes through such holes then the wires are protected from the sharp edges of the metal body thus preventing the wear and tear of the wire which in turn prevent passing of the electric current into the body of the vehicle. Apart from auto industry such rubber grommets are also used in machines, generators and other industries.

  • Hardness
  • Atmospheric conditions
  • Exposed to sunlight
  • Engineering

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