Technical Matters

While selecting a type of rubber for the product to be made, factors affecting the product or demand of application of the product, below are the guideline for selecting a polymer to suit its in-use application.

"Common Name" Base Polymer EPDM or EP Rubber Neoprene Nitrile or Buna-N Natural Rubber
Chemical Name Ethylene Propylene Chloro-Prene Acrylonitrile Butadiene Natural Isoprene
ASTM Designation (ASTM D1418) EP CR NBR NR
Tensile Strength (psi) >2000 >2000 >2000 >2000
Hardness Range (Durometer A) 40-90 35-90 50-90 40-90
Tear Resistance G G F G
Abrasion Resistance G to E VG G E
Compression Set G G G E
Resilience Cold G G G G
Resilience Hot VG VG G F
Radiation Resistance O G P F to G
Impermeability to Gases G G G F
Mild Dilute E E F to G F to P
Strong Concentrate G G F to G P
Aliphatic Hydrocarbons P F to G E P
Aromatic Hydrocarbons P P P P
Oxygenated (Ketones, etc) G P P P
Swelling in Lubricating Oil P G VG P
Oil and Gasoline P G E P
Animal Oils F F E P
Water Absorption VG G VG VG
Oxidation E VG G F to P
Ozone O VG F F to P
Sunlight Aging O VG P F to P
Heat Aging VG G G G to F
Low Temperature VG G F to G G
Flame P G P P
Vegetable Oils F G G P
Chlorinated Hydrocarbons P P F P

Legend: O = Outstanding | E = Excellent | VG = Very Good | G = Good | F = Fair | P = Poor

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